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Soro exhibition /@ wad / osaka  shinmachi

Soro exhibition  november 2014


I held the private exhibition in osaka in 2014 About

100 works were exhibited there. In this gallery,

you can always enjoy japanese ter with ceramic

work made by artist.




会期中はwadさんのcafeスペースで私の作品を用いてお抹茶 やほうじ茶、和菓子などを楽しんでいただくことができました。




Soro exhibition /@ Black bird & white bird
/ Kyoto

Soro exhibition  March 2013


I held the private exhibition in Kyoto in 2013. 

About 50 works were exhibited there.During

the term, the japanesetea tea ceremony by

"Shuntaro Kondo" who is a master of the tea

ceremony instead of an opening party was

held. Premium japanese sweets made by

"NIKKA" for this tea ceremony were served

in the tea ceremony.


2013年3月、京都のblackbird & whitedird(2014,12月閉店)で50点ほどの陶造形作品の

展覧会を行いました。 会期中開催した茶会では東京よりアバンギャルド茶会を主催する近藤俊太郎氏にお越しいただき、抹茶を点てていただきました。また和菓子は京都で現代的な和菓子を創作している日菓さんとのコラボレーションの和菓子をお出ししました。


Soro exhibition /@ Thorntree Gallery / Tokyo

Soro exhibition  November 2011


I held the private exhibition in Tokyo in 2011. About 40 works were exhibited there.


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