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About  my  works

I am making two work series by ceramic. I was charmed by the textures of ceramics and went into the world of ceramics by self-education from 2010. I grew up in the environment surrounded by anime of Japan, comics, the character, etc. 

I am making in response to influence from them.However, However, not only them but I have received the inspiration also from traditional Japanese culture and customs.   

Wabinyo Sabinya


口、腰、胴と人間の身体の部位の名称を用いる抹茶碗はもとより、大切に使われてきた器は、一部が欠けてしまっても漆と金・銀を使った金継を施すことで、更なる魅力と価値を見いだされ、子供を育てるように、あるいは一人の人間と付き合い関係を深めて行くかのようにして道具を大切に使用する文化が日本にはあります。これらのきわめて日本的であると思う要素を発想の原点として、 このワビーニョサビーニャのシリーズを制作しています。


Candle man

The people of Jomon living to Japan 15,000 years ago used the form of the flame as the motif, and made earthenware.Jomon people brought evolution forward further by using fire, and respected fire.I think that they found out the spirit of a flame, and feared and respected it in flame.
Now, We are living using electricity and became far from fire.I consider that human beings have lived with flame long time, and we should have a new appreciation to the spirit of flame.     

I make my works with getting an inspiration from the japanese tea ceremony and a ceramic figure of Japan called "Dogu", or space archaeology. Do you know "Dogu" ? A clay figure called " Dogu " is made by the Japanese Jomon people 15,000 years or more ago.
I am very interested in the design of a "Dogu", and they look just like an astronaut.
And, although the tearoom used in the  japanese tea ceremony is a very small room, it is a place where people can communicate, without considering a status. 
I would like to drink japanese tea happily together not related to a status or a hometown, if the visitor from the universe visits in my house :)


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